Our Story


December 3rd, 2006 2am

Both were at a house party and discovered through the conversation of our Lutheran backgrounds. We started making connections but Nikol had not heard Trevor’s last name yet. As the conversation continued, Trevor mentioned going to Montana to visit his brother who is a pastor. At this a light bulb turned on for Nikol and she asked Trevor’s last name. Only to discover that her friend, a pastor, that lived in Montana was Trevor’s brother.

First Friday of February

Group Outing

The evening started out with about 7 people walking in KC’s art district. It ended with three people at a place in Westport since Nikol didn’t want to go with just this other girl and begged that Trevor join. Trevor and Nikol seemed to be talking only to each other for the remainder of the night.

Valentine’s Singles Outing

Group Outing

Nikol did the planning and about 12 singles joined the event that began at the River Market Brewery.  Trevor made a grand entrance after work and the restaurant had waited until his arrival to pay attention to the group.  Some billards were played and then Trevor gave several members of the group including Nikol a ride to the Phoenix in his new FJ.   At the Phoenix, Trevor and Nikol sat next to each other, enjoyed the music, and shared a piece of chocolate cake that Nikol had talked the waitress into finding.

First Date

March 10, 2007

His version:
It was a date… it went very well and left the door open for a second.

Her version:
It was a beautiful spring evening. We met downtown KC near the Phoenix Piano bar (one of Trevor’s favorite bars) and he drove us to Garozzo’s Ristorante for a fantastic Italian dinner. We talked, laughed and had a great time and took home plenty of left-overs. We headed over to a nearby Comedy club where a friend of Trevor’s had gotten us some great seats for the evening show. We had a few drinks and laughed often. The date was going very well so we continued back downtown to the Majestic for some live jazz. We closed the Majestic down and headed back over to the Phoenix since we did not want the night the end. We closed down the Phoenix and finally said our good byes. It was a great date and left me wanting more!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Trevor drove in on Saturday for the Thanksgiving week.  I was so excited to see him after not seeing him for over a month, that I drove out to his parents that night.  We stayed up late visiting and then went to church and bible class with his parents.  After church, we were sitting around visiting and he said,”It’s such a nice day, let’s go do something outdoors.”  We went to Parkville, MO and checked out all the little shops and then went for a walk at sunset along the Missouri River in the Park while taking some pictures.  We sat down on a bench to relax and were just visiting.  I pointed out that I was wearing my class ring and had he seen me wear it before.  He said, “It’s nice but you need something nicer.”  I responded, “Yeah, that would be nice someday.”  In his hand then was a box and he opened it up.  I don’t remember much after that.  Complete shock!  I thought that we were going to have to have this big discussion that weekend about where things were going and how I couldn’t wait much longer since he had just told me on Thursday night that he wasn’t sure about us.  So the proposal was a COMPLETE SHOCK and well done.  I love this man and don’t want to wait one more moment to spend the rest of my life as his girl.  I thank God every day for letting me meet him and for allowing us to be in each other’s lives.  (Now, for those that know me, you know I’m not a crier.  I didn’t cry when he proposed but, right now, composing this I’m tearing up.)