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May 30

A face from May

Her sweet smile makes my heart melt.

It is time for the May People’s Choice Photo Contest at I Heart Faces.  This would have to be one of my favorite photos from the month.  It was one of our nice warm spring days and the fresh air was so good for our spirits.

We are entry #31 currently (5/30).

Go check out some more photos or enter the contest yourself.

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May 05

Prep Bowl Pies

So what do you do when you have some apples that are getting less than crispy?  Make Pie of course!   Since I didn’t want to do just the normal pie and didn’t think I had enough apples for a whole pie, mini-pies were attempted.  I had some leftover pie crust from making a pecan pie at Easter.

I made the crust super thin with the Baker's Roller

The single crust wasn’t quite enough until I made it thinner. Trevor told me that I should take pictures of the process but only after I was basically done.

Pampered Chef 1-cup Prep Bowls worked great

Thank you Jan Melius at Just Imagine Heaven for the inspiration.

The recipe called for it to be baked at 425 but the bowls are only oven safe to 350 so they baked for about an hour instead of 40 minutes.

Yummy...Let's Eat!

They were indeed tasty and the thinner crust worked out great.  I was impressed that it didn’t stick to the glass and I could it eat right out of the bowl without guilt.

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May 03

Soft Cuddles

The teddy bear needs hugs

This week’s challenge at I Heart Faces was soft.  I missed the time limit but thought I would still share this picture.  Check out more soft photos at I Heart Faces.